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Hi! I'm Jina


I'm a wife, mom, Peloton enthusiast, CPA and Certified Diversity Executive®. I love coffee, puzzles, and chocolate. And I'm bi-racial.

My father is black and my mother is Filipino.  So, I wasn't black and I wasn't Filipino.  If I had to check a box to categorize different aspects of my core identity, it would almost always be "Other" or "None of the above".  My religion is the Baha’i Faith. My favorite sport is soccer.  I have been self-employed most of my career. My husband was a stay-at-home dad and primary caregiver for most of my children’s formative years.  I'm definitely an 'Other".

Don't get me wrong, I also feel very lucky! I grew up in an amazing place, have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, got a great education, and have enjoyed a successful and rewarding career.  Still, from childhood to this day, at every step along my path, I always felt a little out of place – both socially and

professionally.  I felt like an imposter, an outsider.  I didn't feel like I belonged -- in the club, at this company, in this school, at this party.  It took awhile for me to put these feelings into words, at little longer to understand the why behind the what, and longer still to appreciate them.  Today, I embrace my "other" identity. I’ve come to understand that what makes me different also makes me special. Today, I appreciate how being ‘different’ has helped me; how my background has made me unique.

I’ve come to learn that there are others like me – who don’t feel like they belong, who might be afraid to bring their “whole selves” to work, or are simply unsure how to express their genuine thoughts and feelings out of fear of being misunderstood or worse, shamed.

This blog is about that journey – my experiences, struggles, aha! moments, challenges and wins.  It's about how I came to understand not only why, but how to live as apologetically yet lovingly, authentically yet humbly, comfortably yet confidently as myself.  How to be Fearlessly Me.

Explore Inclusion and Belonging With Me

I coach entrepreneurs, executives and business leaders to help them improve relationships, team performance, and interpersonal effectiveness by honing their self-awareness in real-time so they are better positioned to achieve their personal and professional goals.

I believe that optimal learning happens when people are curious and engaged.  I also believe in the power of story telling.  As a speaker, I use stories, experiences and real-world examples to support a mix of learning styles.  I know everyone has a different way of absorbing, processing, comprehending and retaining information.  Whether its a conference keynote or a corporate event, my goal is to maximize the use of story-telling, reflection and sharing of real-time examples to keep participants engaged. 

I offer training, workshops, keynotes and conference sessions are dynamic and interactive. Our goal is to help attendees become more self-aware, conscious of difference, and develop strategies to interact effectively with clients and colleagues. Topics include: unconscious bias, authenticity & self-awareness, inclusion and belonging, mindfulness, understanding trust, conscious communications, empathic listening, engaging in difficult conversations, navigating challenging customer relationships.

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